School Wide Values

This blog is dedicated to the School Wide Values here at QHST. Values are not about words, but rather, about actions. Read each value, and please feel free to post specific examples of where you have seen this value in action. This is also a place to post reflective comments about a specific value. We believe that each day gives us a chance to live with integrity, excellence and compassion...have you seen any of that lately?

Friday, May 12, 2006


We create inclusive communities of learners and players.


We respect all members of our community and celebrate diversity.


We respect our physical, mental and emotional health.


Our building is our home, to enjoy, to take care of, and feel safe in.


Conflict, sensitively managed, is our opportunity to create greater understanding and harmony.

Integrity and Wisdom

We are responsible for our own academic performance, and for developing practices that support intellectual rigor, honesty, and organization.


We will be aware of how our actions and decisions effect others.